Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Your House In Order Pt. 1


We are excited to bring you part one in our series of activities focused on helping you get your houses in order.  We have been counseled by the Prophet for over a decade that this is the time to get our homes/lives together so that we may prepare for the future and be ready when upsets occur.

Part one is focused on financial planning.  Due to the wonders of modern technology we will be able to have virtual visitors speak to us:  Diane Brooks will be Skyping in brothers, both of whom are financial planners.

We hope you all can make it.  There will be babysitting available, and of course refreshments.  We encourage you to send in questions you may want answered to Diane at bendianebrooks@gmail.com so that she may forward them to her brothers and they can be prepared for us.

And because what would a post be without a funny clip to make you laugh or remember what we're doing, here you go:  Enjoy!

Ok, I couldn't pick just one.  So enjoy this one, too!
And thanks to E Trade for making such great commercials!  But seriously, come learn more about how to plan for your financial future!

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