Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Love Technology

Sisters, we are super excited about our upcoming activity this week.  It's all about technology!

First, we will learn about internet safety and protecting our homes and families from the various dangers of the internet.

Next we will learn  how to and actually make profiles (if you haven't already!)  and learn about how we plan on using our Relief Society blog.

Third, we'll have a lesson on family indexing and how to do it.

We will have internet set up to allow you to work along with us, so please bring your laptops, ipads or tablets as well as your membership record numbers (which are available on the temple recommend or by asking the ward clerk).

If you have a profile already, please email Brenna Williams at with the link to your profile site.

And lastly, because, who doesn't love a good Napoleon Dynamite reference, please enjoy this awesomely awkward video!