Visiting Teaching Information

Important Information About Visiting Teaching Reporting: 

VISIT IS FACE TO FACE! Teaching the visiting teaching message or other gospel principals.
CONTACT IS EVERYTHING ELSE! Letters, E-mails, Phone, Texting. Even if the message is given other that FACE TO FACE it is a CONTACT!
CARING SERVICE IS SERVICE IS GIVEN TO ANYONE! providing a meal, or a ride please let us know so to make sure all of our sisters are well taken care of.

When reporting your visits, be sure to clarify what kind of visit you had.  
Visiting Teaching Districts/Supervisors

Janice Slocum
District 2
     Linda Allen
     Susan Ayala
     Diane Brooks
     Tiffany Methot
     Mandy Ravsten
     Melissa Marin
     Debbie Sleight
     Janice Slocum
     Marie Walker
Phyllis Houghton
District 3
     Susie Giesler
     Marci Willey
     Megan Hicken
     Nicole Sandy
     Deborah Johnston
     Wendi Krogh
     Tanya  Kuczma
     Rebecca Houghton
     Amanda Ohman
     Lauren Hays
     Amy Peterson
     Machelle Schultz
     Cheryl Sutherland
     Cathy Barret
     Daleen Taylor
     Alia Steele
     Charla Thurston
     Laura Wallace
     Debbie Wall
     Phyllis Houghton
     Susan Wright
Donna Weidler
District 4
     Donna Bristol
     Shari Dobbs
     Kaydell Brown
     Aundriel Washington
     Marge Craig
     Margaret Mckenney
     Lisa Hendrick
     Pat Jones
     Mary Ellen Nagel
     Sherri Kelly
     Jean Mohler
     Cassandra Hopwood
     Amy Myer
     Danielle Price
     Sarah Yarbrough
     Heidi Owen
     Charity Nyarko
     Donna Weidler
     Brenna Williams
     Lea Heise
Mary Joy Reich
District 5
     Joey Jacques
     Lindsay Allred
     Suzanne Potts
     Sheila Hopkins
     Mary Joy Reich
     Amber Snow
     Louise Amato
     Linda White
     Karin Nelson
Ashley Johnson
District 6
     Melanie Brown
     Margaret Mckenney
     Stephanie Clark
     Rebecca Gagnon
     Ashley Johnson
     Terra Bobo
     Kayla Russell
     Donna Galloway
     Rebekah Taylor
     Cynthia Zappitello
     Marcia Teruel
     Shirley Western
     Emily Lewis
    Wendy Zuluaga
Darcel Patterson
District 7
     Debby Boyce
     Rebecca Fakhori
     Linda Esumei
     Debbie Farrar
     Trish Linton
     Sally Tracy
     Deanne Ohman
     Brook Fondell
     Darcel Patterson
     Patsy Sexton
     Belinda Threeths

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