Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Because Of All The New And Beautiful Things I'm Learning About You


Back by popular demand, our "Getting to Know You" is back for Season 2!

We are excited to get to know more about the sisters in our ward through speed chatting and fun spotlight interviews.  Also, to tempt you, will be a sweet Hot Cocoa/Apple Cider Bar.  Starbucks has nothing on the Relief Society when it comes to making gourmet drinks!  :)

We are asking for volunteers to interview fellow sisters, and we'd also like you all to bring along your favorite snack food to share  (and for those of you doing the Healthy Challenge thing, this is a great way to share your new favorite healthy snacks!).

And lastly, to get you as excited about this activity as we are, please enjoy the following video, and try not to spend the next week singing this song!